Breach Secure Now Intros Security Tools for MSPs

PRESS RELEASE — MORRISTOWN, NJ – July 6, 2016 – Breach Secure Now! has released its highly anticipated Breach Prevention Platform, a suite of security tools to help MSPs reduce the likelihood of their clients having a data breach. MSPs can add these breach prevention tools to their portfolio of IT services, and offer them to clients under their own label.

Breach Prevention Platform sits behind the MSP’s branded security portal and lets clients access a variety of tools, from automated security risk assessments (SRA) and simulated phishing attacks to security policies and ongoing employee security training.

The SRA shows clients their security risks on their devices and opens doors to further discussions with their MSPs about the need for additional security.{ad}

“Because we’re adding Breach Prevention Platform to our standard managed services package it shows clients that we’re visibly and tangibly proactive,” said Chuck Poole, President of Palmtech Computing. “Plus we have fewer cleanup jobs and clients have less downtime — a win-win for both of us.” 

A new addition to the Breach Prevention Platform is the variety of employee security training tools, since the majority of breaches happen due to human error.  The security training starts with an overview of security threats, such as phishing scams, ransomware, social media hoaxes, hackable wifi, etc., and the information is bolstered with ongoing lessons aimed at reinforcing the initial material.

“Clients can invest more money in network security products but since most breaches happen because of human error fixing the human problem eliminates most of the risk,” added Poole.  The Breach Prevention Platform gives our clients ongoing security education and support.  No one else is doing this.”

Ongoing training, also packaged under the MSP’s brand, includes weekly one to two minute micro-training lessons, plus tips from monthly magazine-styled security newsletters. Random simulated phishing attacks let MSPs send employees phishing emails that appear to come from legitimate sources, and issue warnings if an employee mistakenly clicks on a malware link.

As an option, MSPs can add $100,000 of financial protection and breach response services to Breach Prevention Platform.  These value-added services can provide the critical help their clients need to survive and recover if a breach does occur. The breach response services supplement the services MSPs already provide their clients.

Unlike the MSP’s typical security offerings of firewalls, anti-virus and security patches that are invisible to clients, Breach Prevention Platform is customer-facing and interactive. For more information visit and to subscribe to Breach Prevention Platform

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