Mitel Promises Smooth Channel Transition for Polycom Acquisition

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Mitel expects a smooth transition for all partners involved as its acquisition of Polycom is expected to close next quarter.

Mitel's Wes DurowIn April, Mitel announced it is acquiring Polycom in a cash and stock transaction valued at $1.96 billion. Execs said the combined company will leverage Mitel’s global communications business to advance Polycom’s conference and video collaboration portfolio.

Wes Durow, Mitel’s chief marketing officer, tells Channel Partners his company has made six notable acquisitions over the past six years, and in each of those transactions “a clear emphasis has been placed on making the transition for those channels involved as smooth as possible.”

“That premise does not waver for this deal and it remains a core principle of our post acquisition execution strategy as we move forward,” he said.

The combination of Mitel and Polycom will bring forth new opportunities for customers to communicate and collaborate more seamlessly than ever, Durow said.{ad}

“Specifically, Mitel possesses great experience in mobile and cloud environments, as well as traditional UC environments,” he said. “Polycom has real strength in video and conference-room environments with innovations such as Eagle Eye Producer and Acoustic Fence. The combination of these assets will inspire even higher levels of innovation as users seek to connect in the most natural way possible. As part of this journey, we believe that new opportunities will open up for those channel partners who can help businesses of all sizes chart their way forward in a world driven by the transition to the cloud and Millennial-focused mobile capabilities.”

Polycom has about 7,000 partners, while the combined company will have more than 9,000. Both companies have partner programs.

“Upon deal close, both teams will look to consolidate those programs that make sense for our channels — using the goal of simplicity as the filter for such decisions,” Durow said. “Until the deal closes it would be premature to make any determinations.”

In the meantime, prospects, customers and channels have told Mitel that they are “excited” about the potential that the combination of Mitel and Polycom bring together, Durow said.

“Video and exceptional quality voice capability are what really make collaboration effective and Polycom brings that to the equation,” he said. “Couple that with the flexibility Mitel brings in helping companies move to cloud-based, mobile-first environments and we think that the possibilities for customers and partners get very exciting.”

In a statement issued last month in response to Polycom’s 8K filing, Mitel said the transition “offers superior and greater upside to both Polycom and Mitel.” It also said the acquisition “continues to be the best path forward and best strategic choice to create shareholder value, driven by attractive financial and operational scale.”

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