New Level 3 Network Security Service ‘Bridges the CPE-Cloud Gap’

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Level 3 Communications has unveiled a new cloud-based service built into its global network to replace on-premises security infrastructure.

Level 3's Chris RichterThe Enterprise Security Gateway (ESG) uses Level 3’s global fiber footprint, network capacity and next-generation security services in its cloud-based gateways. It is delivered from 40 Level 3 points of presence globally, can protect data on any device and is available to subscribers of any carrier.

ESG is available globally starting June 30.

Chris Richter, Level 3’s senior vice president of global security services, tells Channel Partners that ESG enables partners to bridge the gap between offering customer premises equipment (CPE) and the cloud.

“Level 3 partners can enable their customers with a path to efficient, flexible network-based security without forklifting the entire existing solution,” he said. “By taking security to the network and leveraging the cloud for its agile environment, customers can realize real cost savings and reduce capital expenses.”{ad}

ESG uses its cloud-based architecture to “future-proof” customer security environments by breaking the “hardware dependency cycle,” according to the company.

“As margins continue to shrink in CPE, partners need a new revenue stream,” Richter said. “By leveraging ESG, they have the flexibility to use any access method to deliver security services in the cloud. If a customer has an on-premises firewall deployed, but now needs a cloud-based Sandbox to handle advanced malware, the cost to deploy a premises-based versus cloud-based solution can be significant. ESG enables the partners to offer a path to network-based solutions so customers can realize all of the benefits.”

Through Level 3’s customer portal, users can view their entire ESG ecosystem, gaining access to multiple reports and gateway performance metrics.

“Partners are enablers of hybridization — leveraging security as a way to help customers eliminate the reliance on premises solutions to reduce their costs, simplify their security architecture and bolster lean security teams,” Richter said. “Level 3 also enables our channel partners with online training via our Channel Partner University to better understand the security services they can sell.”

“ESG is part of a macro trend within security, moving from a product focus to a solution focus,” said Frank Dickson, security analyst with Frost & Sullivan. “The future is in the cloud; ESG provides a solution for enterprises to strategically leverage the cloud to simplify their security architecture while improving efficacy in the process.”

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