Sungard AS Joins AT&T NetBond Family

PRESS RELEASE — WAYNE, Pa. (May 23, 2016) – Sungard Availability Services® (“Sungard AS”) customers now have access to AT&T NetBond, a cloud connectivity service combining the network security and performance of private cloud with the economics and flexibility of public cloud. With NetBond, customers avoid many of the challenges associated with using the public internet, such as uneven performance and security threats like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. 

Using Sungard AS services with AT&T NetBond provides customers a simple, flexible and highly secure connection with high availability to access enterprise cloud services, including Sungard AS recovery services, colocation and managed services.{ad}

Instead of requiring multiple point-to-point direct connections, customers can use their AT&T virtual private network (VPN) and AT&T NetBond to connect to all Sungard AS core services as well as those of the other cloud service providers in the AT&T NetBond ecosystem. This enables customers to accelerate deployment times with reliable end-to-end cloud infrastructures, highly secure private networking, dynamic network connectivity, applications and data solutions – delivered cost-effectively and efficiently. 

“Today’s always-on business world requires organizations to build a fast, flexible and secure infrastructure that is fully managed,” said Chris Ortbals, Sungard AS Vice President for Product Management. “Our customers have found that AT&T NetBond delivers a direct, high-speed connection to critical cloud services, providing the security and performance of a private physical connection combined with the flexibility, rapid scalability and cost-effectiveness of the public internet.”

As businesses examine whether their investments in applications and infrastructure will yield desired results, they need a flexible yet secure cloud infrastructure that ensures applications are available whenever needed so they can react quickly to market demand, and if something goes wrong, recover quickly.

“We needed to reduce our cloud budget and implementation time while growing our global network connections,” said Jim Cheatle of Morgan Advanced Materials. “Providers in the AT&T NetBond ecosystem – like Sungard AS – are part of a network offering the bursting capabilities we need in a highly secure network, all within our timeframes and cost parameters.”

Users can connect to multiple cloud providers within the AT&T NetBond ecosystem. For example, customers looking at Amazon Web Services (AWS) for low-cost recovery compute may turn to Sungard AS to access recovery solutions using NetBond as the connectivity, with Sungard AS managing the NetBond-based cloud-to-cloud data replication between the environments. Customers receive the benefits of best-in-class recovery services and managed environment services, while taking the stress of managing cloud environments off the shoulders of IT staff, enabling them to meet company recovery time and recovery point objectives. 

“We’re working to help companies move seamlessly to the cloud and get the most out of their cloud strategy,” said Andy Daudelin, Vice President Cloud and Cloud Networking for AT&T. “With AT&T NetBond, Sungard AS users can deploy clouds more quickly with significantly reduced provisioning times and scale to demands with enhanced resource management capabilities.”

NetBond uses AT&T technology to efficiently integrate a customer’s AT&T multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) VPN with cloud service providers in the AT&T NetBond ecosystem. NetBond allows the cloud service platform to appear as another endpoint on the customer’s MPLS VPN, extending the performance, security and end-user experience of a private network.

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