‘’ Billed as a Less Expensive Fiber Alternative

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Broadband providers are hailing Sckipio Technologies’ “” as a cost-effective alternative to fiber.

Adtran's Kurt RaaflaubThe Israeli company is launching Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA), which will let customers move both upstream and downstream at the speed of 750 Mbps.

“Gigabit services, premium symmetric service, is not the realm of just fiber anymore,” said Kurt Raaflaub, global product marketing manager at Adtran. Raaflaub’s company will use the DBA to deliver broadband services over copper.

Raaflaub said the technology is unique in how it has repeatedly lived up to its hype.

“ is very unique in the fact [that] almost very six months, the standards groups and consortium that we’re a part of … we’re finding more ways of squeezing more performance out of these technologies.”

What Raaflaub and others say is novel about Sckipio’s is its symmetry – the fact that its 750 Mbps speed doesn’t just apply to downstream movement, but also to upstream. Raaflaub says cable operators don’t usually offer the same speed on both sides and that most people assume fiber can provide such a symmetry.{ad}

“When it starts getting that high, it starts being the highest performing solution on existing infrastructure,” he said.

He said brings “fiber-like” attributes to the table.

“It’s a way for operators to expediently deliver fiber-like gigabit broadband services to their constituents, especially multi-tenant units,” he said.

Raaflaub also touted as a convenient option for office buildings, as the broadband-based installation requires less of a construction overhaul than fiber requires.

“Just a little box at the end of the neighborhood or a box at the end of the industrial park can be installed by an incumbent telco, like a Windstream or a CenturyLink or an AT&T,” he said.

**Editor’s Note: Channel Partners recently told you about the next generation of cable’s DOCSIS technology, which promises gigabit speeds. Get access to that report here.**

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