Itopia Launches Cloud Readiness Assessment Tool

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itopia's Scott MarkleyNew software from itopia aims to help IT professionals reduce the cost of figuring out if an organization is ready for the cloud.

“We’ve automated the user discovery and cloud migration process,” Scott Markley, the workplace-as-a-service provider’s vice president of sales, told Channel Partners.

Markley said the traditional route of vetting a company for the cloud usually involves interviewing a major executive of the company, such as a CIO or CTO. That process reveals only a fraction of the applications and employees’ needs involved, he said.

“What happens when you have somebody in accounting that’s been using an application specific to their day-in-day-out tasks?” he said.

Itopia’s new Cloud Readiness Assessment software is a network-discovery tool that runs on a local network as either an IT admin or as a user. Markley said the tool is able to compile a “repository” of data, including an employee’s applications, active directories, data size and bandwidth.{ad}

“It really looks at the whole picture and then provides an assessment,” Markley said.

IT professionals and MSPs will be able to use the service, which itopia offers “exclusively and at no cost.” Markley said it will help remove the “expensive, timely and exhausting process” of planning a migration to the cloud.

“There’s an element of cost that goes into instilling way of doing this. You either have boots on the ground that go to the office or just the time that it takes,” he said. “We’re either cutting down on the overall cost that a service provider has to acquire this information or compressing the sales cycle from one or two clients to just one client.”

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