RingCentral Integrates With Zapier, Expands Cloud Communications, Collaboration

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RingCentral has announced its integration with Zapier, a Web app automation service, which embeds RingCentral Office into more than 500 workplace SaaS applications.

RingCentral's David LeeAvailable immediately, this integration makes voice and messaging capabilities an integral part of the everyday business workflow in workplaces around the world, RingCentral said. Because the integration occurs on the existing Zapier platform, companies don’t need to deploy any development resources to enable RingCentral’s capabilities.

David Lee, RingCentral’s vice president of platform products, tells Channel Partners the integration came about because of customers.

“Zapier’s name surfaced in our customer forum frequently, which typically kicks off investigation and prioritization,” he said. “On top of that, ever since we opened up our APIs to third-party developers in early 2015, we have wanted to open up the power of workflow customization to customers who do not have access to developers. Zapier’s strengths in volume and quality of integrations became the obvious choice.”

The integration with Zapier, along with RingCentral’s more than 30 partner ISV integrations, enable channel partners to offer “more fully featured service solutions to customers,” Lee said.{ad}

“For instance, integrations such as this help our partners sell more enterprise deals and provide creative workflow solutions to their customers that offer unique functionality through these integration capabilities,” he said. “With joint marketing between Zapier and RingCentral, we see an increase in brand recognition, and increased trust and value when our two solutions are positioned together. Ultimately, this higher overall visibility of our solutions, both independently and together, invariably drives more customer traffic to RingCentral and to our channel partners.”

Customers now are able to set automated responses for missed calls via SMS, Gmail or team messaging. Also, they can archive voice recordings or email attachments in Box or Google Drive folders, and kick off a Salesforce or Intercom ticket in response to phone calls from specific numbers.

“Certainly this integration allows RingCentral’s channel partners to answer ‘yes’ to more requests from prospective customers,” Lee said. “Most modern businesses that are using business and productivity software inevitably want to know ‘will your service work with X?’ While RingCentral is already integrated with some 30 partner ISVs out there, Zapier’s library of more than 500 pre-integrated apps covers a much wider library of software than we have out of the box. If your customer wants RingCentral to work seamlessly with MailChimp, Google Sheets, Basecamp or Amazon S3, Zapier enables those needs without requiring development resources.”

The RingCentral Connect Platform offers developers a set of tools and services to build, deploy and manage custom integrations using RingCentral open APIs.

“Communication and collaboration are no longer siloed functions for the modern workforce,” said Wade Foster, Zapier’s CEO. “The launch of the Zapier and RingCentral integration brings powerful cloud communications and collaboration tools directly into a vast number of SaaS apps already being used throughout the workplace.”

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