New RapidScale Platform Aims to Address Partners’ Marketing Shortcomings


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RapidScale on Wednesday announced its new CloudLeads platform aimed at helping partners do a better job of marketing to their prospects and customers.

The platform is a combination of SEO or organic-driven lead generation, as well as outbound marketing including email campaigns and social media. Any partner with an active agreement with RapidScale is able to access the CloudLeads platform.

RapidScale's Stefanie RyanStefanie Ryan, RapidScale’s marketing director, tells Channel Partners that many of the company’s partners don’t have marketing departments on staff or only utilize third-party services. Also, many of them don’t have the time or resources to put together marketing materials or campaigns to target their prospects/customers effectively, she said.

“One of the biggest comments we hear when talking marketing with our partners is that they just don’t have the content available and they don’t have the resources to build it,” she said. “So, utilizing our CloudLeads platform gives them an answer to that need. It gives them up-to-date content written by cloud experts that talk and sell these products every single day. It lets them look like an industry expert as well.”

Sales partners receive a completely branded website with cloud information, blogs and social-media connectivity, all on a custom domain. Sales partners can use the platform in conjunction with their existing website or as a standalone. It offers sales partners who may not have cloud-centric content a place to direct current customers or prospects.{ad}

The platform also is pre-designed with lead-generation forms to provide inbound marketing opportunities for sales partners. All lead-generation is directed to the RapidScale sales partner with a direct link to RapidScale’s channel manager team for side-by-side selling and support.

In addition, the platform comes with pre-designed outbound email marketing campaigns and social media content for sales partners to use to engage current customers or prospects. Each campaign is designed to increase web traffic to the sales partner’s CloudLeads platform and ultimately provide them with new sales opportunities, according to RapidScale.

“We’ve heard time and time again that as many different resources as we can provide, the better equipped our partners will be when they’re in the middle of opportunities,” Ryan said.

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