Hybrid IT Study: Biggest Challenge Is Security

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A new survey says many companies are concerned about their ability to operate hybrid IT. And security is a key component of those concerns.

SolarWinds' Joel DolisySolarWinds survey of 257 IT professionals evaluated their expectations for cloud adoption. CIO Joel Dolisy said the results only confirmed the fact that “cloud adoption is nearly ubiquitous.”

The vast majority (92 percent) of respondents said it was crucial for their business’ long-term value. However, Dolisy said most companies are nowhere near the point where all of their workloads and applications could go into the cloud.

“The resulting dynamic – one set of critical on-premises services connected with another set of services in the cloud – is hybrid IT,” he said. “And at the center of this evolution is the IT professional who needs to ensure always-on performance of applications, devices, networks and systems — regardless of location.”

But many respondents expressed doubt about the prospects of doing hybrid IT.

A major concern was security. The survey security to be the biggest hybrid IT challenge for 62 percent of respondents.{ad}

Resources are another area of worry. Only 27 percent said they currently have adequate resources to manage that type of environment. Almost half of the respondents (48 percent) said the top skill needed to better managed hybrid IT was monitoring and management tools, while 30 percent said automation and vendor management was the most needed skill.

Dolisy stressed the importance of addressing these concerns, as “IT is everywhere.”

“Effectively managing and monitoring the new environment – from on-premises to the cloud with multiplying endpoints – to be able to act when needed is more critical now than ever,” he said.

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