Hedvig Opens CloudScale Partner Program to Global Resellers

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Software-defined storage provider Hedvig on Wednesday announced its new CloudScale Partner Program aimed at resellers. The goal is to speed the replacement of aging, costly storage infrastructure.

Hedvig's Phil WilliamsThe program provides resellers with: training on the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform and software-defined storage (SDS); reduced implementation costs; discounts and access to Hedvig technology alliances. With the program, Hedvig joins forces with reseller partners across the United States and Europe, including ACS, Damecon, Fabrics4Clouds and Layer 8

Phil Williams, Hedvig’s vice president of business development and channels, tells Channel Partners the program has been up and running since December, but “now we are unveiling the details and opening it up to the global reseller community.”

“Now was the right time to launch the program for two reasons,” he said. “First, enterprise demand for software-defined infrastructure has increased significantly. For storage alone, ESG estimates that 94 percent of mid-to-large enterprises are interested in or planning to deploy software-defined storage. Our program helps global partners capitalize on this inflection point in the industry. Second, we have been handpicking and onboarding partners that have practices aligned with our customer use cases, especially private and hybrid cloudbig data and server virtualization. This allowed us to test the processes and business infrastructure needed to provide a stellar partner experience. All of that has been worked out, so it’s time to open the gates wide.”

In addition to expanding its reseller partner base, Hedvig plans to strengthen additional technology and distribution alliances. It is currently a partner for server vendors including Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Supermicro and Quanta, making it easier for VARs to bring SDS offerings to customers, according to the company.

With the new partner program, Hedvig hopes to increase its partner base, but “our focus is on expanding into regions where we either don’t have coverage today or need more density in coverage,” Williams said.

“This isn’t a rush to see if we can sign up thousands of resellers and declare victory,” he said. “Instead, we’re targeting solution providers that have practices, or want to build practices, around infrastructure modernization. Together we’ll accelerate companies building private and public-cloud architectures. If they have skill sets around software-defined infrastructure, OpenStack, Docker, Hadoop, VMware cloud and the like, then we want to speak with them. These are relatively new technology areas and not all partners have defined practices around them.”

Hedvig’s goal is that the majority of its revenue “from here on out will flow through our partners,” Williams said.

“We’re already there, which was a key milestone we wanted in place before opening up the program more broadly,” he said.

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