WTG Rebrands Energy Division

PRESS RELEASE — CHANNEL PARTNERS — WTG (Booth 707 and a Vendor Locator Sponsor), announces the spinoff and re-branding of its energy division, Energent Services, to NuAge Energy.

A play on words, “Nuage” means cloud in French. After almost a decade in the Energy space, a shift towards Cloud is truly taking place in energy just as it has happened in telecom/IT. With a number of cloud based SaaS energy solutions already in its portfolio, such as the extremely popular building controls like HVAC, NuAge Energy will continue to focus on new technologies for the efficient use of resources while automating the energy procurement process for maximum impact. NuAge also offers a complete automation overlay for electricity and natural gas procurement. It can be framed into Agent Partner’s websites, so customers can get quotes and sign up online in a matter of minutes.{ad}

“We’re taking our twenty plus years of experience in creating successful agent/client relationships and applying it to the world of renewable and sustainable energy,” says Director of Business Development Patrick Mason. Director of Operations, William Glasser adds, “Selling energy is much easier than selling telecom services as there is no provisioning or customer service required. We are excited to help our agents upsell the other big utility to their clients since they are already trusted advisors to their clients with Telecom services.”

Other areas of energy available via NuAge Energy include:

  • Lighting Services
  • Solar and renewable
  • Battery Storage
  • Water Efficiency
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • UV and Thermal Nanocoating
  • Energy & Utility Bill Auditing
  • Co-generation

NuAge Energy is excited to impact the IT and energy world with its new name, logo and website,

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