CSF Rolls Out 8MS Text Reseller and Agent Program

PRESS RELEASE — CHANNEL PARTNERS — CSF Corporation (Booth 552), today announced the rollout of a lucrative 8MS TeXT Reseller and Agent Program that will let Resellers and Agents profit from enabling texting on toll-free numbers.

8MS TeXT is CSF’s text enabling solution for toll-free numbers and is part of the market leading 8MS Toll Free Provisioning, and LCR Software Suite. Customers, Carriers, Resellers, and Agents can visit CSF and see 8MS TeXT live at Channel Partners booth #552 March 16-18 in Las Vegas.

The key advantages of the 8MS Reseller and Agent Program are as follows:{ad}

  • Resellers and Agents can enable texting, and set their own pricing on any end user toll-free number earning significant residual profits!
  • CSF’s 8MS TeXT customer portal is custom branded so that a Reseller, Master Agent, or Agent can let their toll-free number end users manage their own texts using their branded interface!
  • Provisioning and Text Delivery APIs allow for automation and customized user experiences!
  • CSF’s 8MS TeXT TDR (Text Detail Report) Portal is used by the Reseller, Master Agent, or Agent to view their customer’s usage, and bill by text if desired!
  • 8MS TeXT is a turnkey solution, with provisioning, registry, text delivery, mediation (usage), API access, and multi-tiered and custom branded end user portal capabilities included!
  • Resellers, Master Agents, and Agents can get started today!

“CSF is excited to roll out the 8MS TeXT Reseller and Agent Program” according to Frank Lauria, EVP at CSF Corporation.  Frank explained “This is a great opportunity for Resellers, Master Agents, Agents, Carriers, and RespOrgs to profit from the new and exciting capability of texting on toll-free numbers.  With a whole new generation of customers that prefer to interact via text, and years of investment in branding of their toll-free voice vanity numbers, this new capability is not only logical but highly synergistic with their existing toll-free voice services.”

During Channel Partners, CSF will have live demonstrations of 8MS TeXT, and the rest of the 8MS Toll Free Provisioning and LCR software suite.  For additional information on CSF Corporation, please visit our website at 

About CSF Corporation
CSF is the leader in toll free number management, provisioning, texting, and Least Cost Routing (LCR) software.  With over 95 RespOrg and Carrier Customers, our flagship software product 8MS manages over 50% of all toll-free numbers in the industry.  Our customers save time and money with their toll free number management, and can reduce their external carrier costs over 20% using our LCR and route optimization software.

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