Procore Launches App Marketplace, Partner Program for Construction Industry

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Procore Technologies, the project-management software provider, is pressing into the channel to meet the growing demand for software in the construction industry.

Procore's Paul LyandresProcore just launched an application marketplace and partner program last week, dubbed an “online hub for third-party integrators and custom applications.”

Procore has worked with partners in the past, but Paul Lyandres, vice president of strategy and business development, said Procore is essentially “opening the door” now.

“Everyone and anyone out there who believes that they can come to the Procore platform and do something that adds value to our customers – we want to talk to you guys,” Lyandres told Channel Partners.

Pen and paper – not software – have traditionally dominated the construction industry, said Lyandres, whose company’s offerings include field collaboration and drawing management.{ad}

“Historically, drawings are hundreds of pages,” he said. They’re very, very large, thick documents that get carried around on the job.”

Lyandres said the technology industry has historically underserved the construction space with software, but current tech trends might buck that cycle.

“The world of cloud and the world of mobile [are] really, for the first time ever, making it possible for construction folks to really get the value out of technology that some other industries have had the opportunity to benefit from,” he said.

It’s a new phenomenon to see Procore and partners like Botlink and Box to start allocating resources toward weaving together software, Lyandres said.

“Frankly, the evolution has seen a really rapid increase in the last [several] years for the entire ecosystem,” he said.

Lyandres and Procore emphasize that the program allows end-users to customize their software.

“For us, this entire play is a medium through which we add more value to our customers and make it easier and simpler for their lives and their day-to-day jobs,” he said.

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