Malwarebytes Adds Breach Remediation

By Josh Delauder

Malwarebytes now includes Breach Remediation, a cybersecurity platform that the company says makes it faster and easier for businesses to remove advanced threats from their computer systems.

Malwarebytes' Marcin KleczynskiThe company says Breach Remediation allows incident responders to proactively hunt for malware before it causes major problems. That, of course, can save time and money.

In 2015, malicious attacks took an average of 256 days to identify, according to researchers at the Ponemon Institute. Once an attack is discovered on a laptop or server it can take an IT administrator six hours to fix each computer. This traditional, manual approach to detecting and removing data breach-causing malware presents both an ongoing risk and is expensive.

Malwarebytes works by scanning all areas of a network for suspicious files and software. It then pieces all of the information it collects from the network and  removes threats.

In addition to using its own software and coding, Malwarebytes Breach Remediation can use information from third-party software to find viruses.{ad}

Customers can choose to start scanning for viruses using Microsoft SCCM, Forescout and other software, and then send the system info to tools such as ArcSight, Splunk, QRadar and more.

“Traditional breach remediation involves an incident responder running to each computer to put out cyber fires, one at a time,” said Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes. “Three hours later the same security team member runs to put out another fire. This inefficient way of ‘solving’ the issue hasn’t evolved for decades. Now, Malwarebytes and our integration partners are creating an automated sprinkler system that enables the whole enterprise to put out fires as they appear across thousands of endpoints.”

Malwarebytes promises competitive margins, deal-registration discounts, sales enablement tools, co-branded marketing campaigns and more in its partner program.

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