IT Job Wrap: Fewer Created Last Year Than in 2014

What many thought would be a “banner turnaround year” for information-technology jobs fell on its face.

Bureau of Labor statistics show that 3,700 fewer new IT jobs were created in 2015 than were in 2014. The team at Janco, the international consulting firm, scrutinized the numbers.

“Several factors caused [the decline] with general uncertainty being the primary one,” said M.V. Janulaitis, Janco CEO.

And unfortunately, the immediate outlook isn’t rosy.

“Along with the slowed hiring in the fourth quarter and the meltdown in the stock market, Janco believes CIOs will have a very hard time expanding their budgets,” Janulaitis added. “… [We have] found that organizations have slowed their short-term hiring for IT executives, senior IT managers and mid-level IT management staff. … From what we have seen, we think that the possibility of a major upturn in new IT hiring is slight at best.”

Uncertainty – including market volatility, international instability and this being an election year – no doubt is making top execs bite their nails, with Janulaitis noting that “CIOs and executive management will need to balance expectations with the reality of the uncertainty their enterprises face.”{ad}

If there’s a silver lining, CIOs tell Janco they are still being given the green light to increase spending a little, as long as they can support it with a good argument. Requesting something new just because it’s shiny isn’t cutting it in most cases.

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