Riverbed: Gap Between Enterprise App Needs, Performance

Edward GatelyA new survey of 900 business executives at companies with $500 million or more in revenue shows a major gap between enterprise app needs and IT’s ability to deliver optimal performance.

According to the online survey, conducted for Riverbed Technology by Wakefield Research, 98 percent of executives agree that favorable app performance is critical to achieving optimal business performance; however, 89 percent said poor performance has negatively impacted their work, and 58 percent said it impacts their work at least weekly.

Riverbed's Steve BrarSteve Brar, Riverbed’s director of platform and solutions marketing, tells Channel Partners there is a “significant customer need for ensuring apps perform well, and there is a market opportunity for providing these solutions and services.”

“One third are willing to skip their lunch if they had top-performing apps,” he said. “Thirty-two percent will give up program budget so IT can invest in ensuring apps perform well.”

One cause of this performance gap is the move to hybrid IT, according to the survey. With apps, data and users everywhere, the work of delivering optimal app performance has gotten much tougher for IT organizations, it said.

The benefits of favorable app performance include improved employee productivity, cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and faster delivery of products to market. The pitfalls of poor app performance include dissatisfied clients or customers, contract delays, missed deadlines, and lost clients or customers, Riverbed noted.

Globally, 71 percent of respondents said they frequently have felt “in the dark” about why their enterprise apps are running slowly, spotlighting a disconnect between IT teams and business executives.

Executives can contribute to the problem as they try to work around it, as 37 percent of respondents said they have used unsupported apps when corporate apps run slowly or stop working altogether, thus adding to infrastructure complexity with more “shadow IT,” according to the survey. Others have expressed frustration to …

… colleagues, taken an extended lunch, used slow or down apps as an excuse for missing a deadline, and have even left work early.

“For the channel, these insights are important to understand as they work to deliver their clients with best-in-class solutions that perform well in order to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction,” Brar said.

Nearly all respondents use cloud-based enterprise apps in their work and 84 percent said their company’s use of cloud-based enterprise apps will increase over the next two years. However, 83 percent of respondents said they believe troubleshooting app performance issues is more difficult in a hybrid IT environment, Brar said.

“The results of the survey reflect what we’re hearing every day from IT leaders who are looking to deliver superior app performance in the midst of rapidly evolving, highly complex and hybrid IT environments,” said Jerry Kennelly, Riverbed’s chairman and CEO.  “With apps, data and end users everywhere today, companies need end-to-end app visibility, optimization, and control everywhere as well to close the performance gap.”


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