Telecom Brokers Adds Big-Data Analytics With Treasure Data Partnership

PRESS RELEASE — Santa Ana, Calif. — December 3, 2015 —Telecom Brokers, a full-service cloud and technology distributor, has inked a strategic alliance with Treasure Data. The partnership adds cloud-based Big Data analytics and business intelligence resources to Telecom Brokers’ portfolio of offerings.

Most businesses have rich streams and repositories of operational information that can be used to make smarter business decisions, including product development, streamlining workflows, serving customers better, crafting go-to-market strategies, managing compliance and more.

In today’s digital world, billions of devices are creating data every minute of the day. And as the Internet of Things (IoT) comes online, more devices will be added to the mix, including everything from connected lightbulbs to smartwatches to company cars. Building a reliable and scalable data infrastructure generally requires a large amount of effort, resources, time and money.

Treasure Data, a venture-backed company with a slate of world-class customers like Yahoo, Pioneer Telecom, Warner Bros. and Grindr, the male dating juggernaut, strips away the overhead traditionally associated with high-volume analytics. Its platform, offered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, offers businesses a way to cost-effectively collect its data from a range of disparate data sources, analyze it and make it actionable. Its cloud-delivered, powerful, plug-and-play solution unites data streams at scale and generates insights quickly—all without requiring an infrastructure deployment or any complex configuration.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Telecom Brokers, whose agents and partners will be able to deliver a fully managed cloud solution for data analytics to their customer base,” said Stephen Lee, Vice President of Business Development at Treasure Data. “Our platform gives channel partners an additional conversation to have with CIOs and CTOs across a wide range of customers, concerning the business value that they can generate from the data they have.”

The use cases for the platform are myriad. For instance, if the service is deployed in a wind farm, it becomes possible to monitor the behavior of a wind turbine to perform predictive maintenance. When an anomaly is detected, the power company can send a worker to fix it before it breaks—an advantage that boosts productivity and lessens repair and maintenance costs.

Smartwatches present another example. With access to the anonymous usage data available on how people use their gadgets, it becomes possible to determine whether, say, people take them off at night, or use them as alarm clocks. That intelligence can then be fed back into the product development cycle.

For industries that rely on marketing, including online gaming, the platform can monitor for key moments of consumer engagement—have people responded to an ad, do they buy  virtual goods, and so on. Companies can use that data to better target users and develop far stickier versions of their offerings as time goes on.

“With the migration to the cloud and the growth of IoT, a lot of people don’t know what that means for their businesses,” said Dominic Antonini, President at Telecom Brokers. “As the first master agent for Treasure Data, we’re excited to give our agents and partners the ability to strengthen their roles as trusted advisors. They can use this offering to have an important, differentiating business conversation about how a business can unlock the most value from the data it has in their systems.”

Telecom Brokers’ agents are encouraged to reach out to Marc Cook, Channel Director at Treasure Data, for inquiries regarding the partnership and the portfolio additions. He can be reached at or 408-964-8060.

About Telecom Brokers
Founded in 1998, Telecom Brokers is a full-service cloud and technology distributor offering services that include hosted PBX, Internet, MPLS, cloud computing, software, IT and more to businesses around the world. Telecom Brokers’ extensive list of offerings includes services from 150+ providers. To learn more, please visit

About Treasure Data
Treasure Data is an analytics infrastructure-as-a-service provider that collects event data from dispersed sources, stores it at scale, and refines and transforms it to help businesses leverage their data to make smart decisions.

Treasure Data’s global customer base includes Pebble, Pioneer and Yahoo! Japan, among others. Collectively, the companies send more than a million events every second to Treasure Data and ask nearly two million questions against them every month to inform smarter business decisions.

Founded in 2011, Treasure Data is a private company backed by investors, including Sierra Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, IT Farm, Bill Tai, and Jerry Yang, among others. To learn more, visit

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