ForeScout Taps Arrow, Westcon for Distribution

Pointing to the rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and the Internet of Things (IoT), network security provider ForeScout Technologies on Tuesday announced a two-tier distribution program.

Arrow Electronics and Westcon Group North America are joining the program with the Campbell, California-based company in order to address “a magnitude of growth” in ForeScout VARs.

ForeScout's Brian Gumbel“We’ve gotten to the point where we need to bring in a couple of distributors that can add additional value and support and be able to assist to that accelerated growth,” said Brian Gumbel, ForeScout’s vice president of sales in the Americas.

ForeScout sells approximately 95 percent of its transactions through the channel, Gumbel told Channel Partners.

A sample of the benefits Gumbel promises with the new agreement includes enhanced pre-sales engineering, professional services, training and certification, maintenance support and technical expertise.

“These [sic] distributors that we’ve chosen are definitely nimble and used to working with growing companies that are getting to the next phase of their maturity model,” Gumbel said.

ForeScout credits its network visibility capability as a main reason for success in the security. Users can both see and control the devices connected to their network, according to the company.

“We typically see 30 percent more devices than a customer knew about,” Gumbel said. “Very often, we’ll go to a customer, and they’ll say, ‘Oh, we’ve got 50,000 devices in an environment.’ The next thing you know, you plug in ForeScout, and they’ve got 80,000.”

The 15-year-old company has been turning in consistent annual growth, according to executives from the company, who thank two major technological trends: BYOD and IoT.

Jennifer Geisler, vice president of marketing, said companies are showing exponential growth in BYOD adoption, “whether they like it or not.”

And for IoT, Geisler and Gumbel cited the statistic that says more than 20 billion devices will be IoT-connected by 2020 – devices to which ForeScout would be giving visibility and security.

“You can just imagine the growth opportunity that ForeScout foresees, and we really want to rally around key distributors and partners to help embrace that,” Geisler said.

Gumbel said feedback has been positive among ForeScout’s channel partners and that the decision to bring in Arrow and Westcon makes sense.

“The partners that we’ve worked with and have established relationships with over the years – they all have relationships with these distributors already,” he said.

This isn’t the first major announcement of the year for ForeScout, which hired a new CEO, former McAfee President Mike DeCesare, in March.

“We’ve got some great growth plans to continue to penetrate the market and be an industry leader, and we’ve got plans to grow our business in all areas, such as sales, engineering, support, channels and now distribution,” Gumbel said.

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