New 2112 Group Service Helps Vendors ID Good Partners

Business-strategy firm The 2112 Group on Tuesday announced a new service to help vendors achieve success in the channel through “intelligence-driven identification” of partners.

Its 2112 Profiler correlates partner investment levels and performance rates, then maps attributes against the 2112 “3Cs” methodology to create profiles based on the program design and objectives of a vendor.

Diana Mirakaj, 2112’s president and COO, tells Channel Partners that vendors come to her firm looking for help on “how to fix underperforming partners when the problem could have been avoided if addressed during the partner identification process.”

“By examining the capabilities and operational structures of a solution provider against the specific operational needs and goals of a vendor’s channel program to appropriately align competencies, the likelihood of positive results increases exponentially,” she said. “The 2112 Profiler was designed to deliver intelligence-based outcomes, instead of leaving resource allocation and performance to chance.”

Partners are profiled against a series of predefined metrics and attributes to determine the overall capabilities, competencies and capacities of a vendor’s partner network. This information then is converted into guidance on partner segmentation, channel performance potential, capabilities and coverage gaps, geographic coverage needs, enablement and incentive frameworks.

The guidance information is based on a catalog of collected data, including: existing partners’ positive and negative traits, required levels of investment, technology attributes, sales and marketing activities, and business development frameworks.

The Profiler also will produce a timeline for new and existing partners on how to achieve higher levels of success through business planning and growth initiatives by providing a strategic view of partner operations, opportunities, challenges and needs, according to 2112.

“No two partners are alike,” said Larry Walsh, 2112’s CEO and chief analyst. “Understanding how partners go to market, their value propositions and the challenges they struggle with most can be the deciding factor in the overall success or failure of a channel program.”

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