Verizon Directs Traffic Management Onto Its Private LTE Network

Enterprise and business customers on Verizon’s Private Network can now better manage the application traffic that flows to and from their mobile devices, with a new subscription service announced by the carrier this week.

Private Network Traffic Management over 4G LTE allows users to assign different classes of service to different wireless applications, giving something as time-critical as voice and video right of way over something as latency-tolerant as email or file transfer. 

At the top tier of service, the Public Safety level enables public-safety personnel and emergency responders to move their critical communications over a wireless express lane on the Verizon Public Network. Similarly, premium and enhanced levels allow customers to dedicate portions of their 4G LTE connection to selected applications.

“Verizon’s Private Network Traffic Management solution offers the channel the ability to sell an industry-first solution for guaranteed levels of quality of service for mission-critical mobile apps from their 4G LTE mobile devices on Verizon’s Private Network,” Janet Schijns, vice president and chief marketing technologist, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, told Channel Partners. “Our solution gives our Verizon Partner Program members a competitive advantage in serving enterprises that require more control over their mobile environment, especially for the Internet of Things.” 

The prioritization of mobile traffic is especially useful for machine-to-machine data, which extends enterprises’ use of wireless networking. IoT data also typically needs very little computing power, making the Verizon Private Network’s built-in security a plus over the compute-intensive VPNs that might otherwise be required.  Data can travel over Verizon’s secure Private Wireless Network and its global Private IP wireline network, to on-premises or cloud application servers. The public cloud option is made easier through the preconfigured interfaces of another service on the Verizon’s wireless network, Secure Cloud Interconnect. Wired and wireless application prioritization enables performance management from end to end.

The traffic-management service is available only to Verizon Private Network customers and can be added to select Verizon Private Network 4G LTE devices for an as-yet undisclosed monthly fee per user.

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