AT&T NetBond Upgraded With Addition of CSC Agility Platform

AT&T NetBond now includes the CSC Agility Platform to help manage workloads across hybrid cloud networks, providing vendors, service providers, VARs and resellers with a “powerful tool” in their “arsenal of security products.”

Enterprises can now “safely transform to a highly secure hybrid cloud environment,” according to AT&T. The new offering is now available.

Kevin Leonard, vice president of AT&T Alternate Channels, tells Channel Partners the new offering is a “logical addition for solution providers who play in the upper end of the SMB market and into the enterprise customer space.”

“The new opportunities for solution providers will be with more complex customers who either need or have a VPN network, and are trying to manage traffic and applications across multiple cloud providers,” he said. “The single point of control that AT&T NetBond with CSC Agility Platform offers will alleviate the customer’s need for additional, potentially costly, network capital investment, allow them to easily scale their networks as the needs of their business change, and isolate their internet traffic from their mission critical application traffic to minimize exposure to threats.”

The CSC Agility Platform applies policies to all cloud resources, improving both security and resource management while reducing audit burdens, according to AT&T.

“Savvy solution providers will be able to capitalize on the savings realized from network scalability by reinvesting it into other products and services, like mobility and mobile applications that rely on the cloud to further streamline the customer’s business,” Leonard said.

Currently, vendors, service providers, VARs and resellers represent a large portion of VPN sales in the higher end of AT&T’s SMB segment, he said.

“Realizing the opportunity to leverage AT&T NetBond with CSC Agility Platform with these VPN customers has the potential to significantly impact the success of this new product,” Leonard said.

With the new offering, AT&T and CSC are creating a more “consistent blueprint for hybrid cloud apps,” said Dan Hushon, CSC’s chief technology officer.

“This is a step forward for enterprise cloud services — end-to-end control helps the most complex environments work better,” he said.

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