TeleDomani Designs Cloud Road Map With ipm

PRESS RELEASE — CLOUD PARTNERS — With the popularity and cost savings available for everything cloud, your clients want “in.” Selling the cloud service is one thing but how do you help them assess their needs, migrate their data and maintain secure, reliable operations? You partner with an integrator that aids their journey to the cloud by building a roadmap. MPG/TeleDomani (a Meeting Room Sponsor) has partnered with ipm, a NYC-based integrator with national coverage and even international capabilities to collaborate with your clients’ IT staff to design that roadmap and help implement it.

With their knowledge of network, server & storage, MPG Management agents are now capturing more client spend and profiting from a share of the revenue generated from hardware, software, System Engineering and Managed Services sales.

“Working with larger clients like Scholastic Corporation, Jordanian Airlines and more, we are quickly seeing the massive potential in revenue and additional products & services available to all of our agents and their clients “ipm is capable of bridging the traditional way of doing things and designing the transition to this newer, hybrid world. Better yet, it has a powerful platform to remotely support your client’s data center infrastructure in tandem with their IT department whether the applications run on premise, in colocation or the cloud. One view into complex operations that can span multiple offices, a variety of carriers and any number of service providers.

Are your clients only dipping in a toe or two? No problem. MPG/TeleDomani, through ipm can support the traditional LAN, WAN and data center services that support your bandwidth, circuit and UC services sales. With high level certifications from Cisco, Citrix, EMC, Microsoft & VMware, ipm supports the technologies that keep mid-market companies productive.

Put the power of ipm’s 30 years of experience to work for you with the support of MPG/TeleDomani.  Contact Carmine Yodice at 516 504-9455 or email him at for more details and how to get started on leveraging this exciting opportunity to extend your reach further into the IT stack.

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