Effortless Defense Makes Its Debut

PRESS RELEASE — CLOUD PARTNERS — Effortless Office (Booth 819), today announced its new security offering, Effortless Defense. Effortless Defense goes vastly beyond normal firewall, spam, and virus detection capabilities and makes use of sandbox-based behavior analysis detection techniques. Layered with the Effortless Desktops and around-the-clock proactive Effortless Monitoring, Effortless Defense is poised to deliver a complete protection against current and emerging threats, targeted attacks, and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Veteran technology sector entrepreneur, Benjamin Gayheart, is President and Founder of Effortless Office.

“Effortless Office measures its success in the security, speed, and efficiency we provide to our users. Customers are so pleased with the security aspect of our product that we now offer it as a stand-alone solution to quickly identify malicious activity in a customer’s environment,” said Gayheart.

Gayheart and his enterprise have led IT support among clients for whom data privacy is of the utmost importance. Tropicana Casino and Hotel have been long term clients of Effortless Office. Block16 Hospitality Group and numerous healthcare facilities around the U.S.A. are users of and strong advocates for the Effortless Defense security product. This is no surprise, given the recent Target, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and Sony Pictures Entertainment tech security breaches, which could have benefited from similar technology—all examples of how destructive malware can be to an organization’s reputation and financial stability.

A 2015 study conducted by Ponemon Institute found that, while 67 percent of respondents report they have some type of structured approach to malware containment, 33 percent have an “ad hoc” approach. Thirty percent say they have a structured approach that relies on manual activities, and 24 percent say they rely primarily upon automated tools.

“Most clients just don’t have the tools or the staffing to meet the demand for threats that are coming at them. Attackers are getting more sophisticated, and so are we. Monitor, detect, and react. We are here every step of the way,” said Gayheart.”

Gayheart credits features of the Effortless Defense product — such as its behavioral engine, with machine learning, and its ability to provide agentless deployment—with allowing clients to extract maximum value from their IT assets, without compromising the security of their organizations.

The solution is sold only via Effortless Office’s partners (agents, MSPs, and VARs). Effortless Partners can now provide their clients a service that accurately detects and analyzes the next generation of malware, providing actionable, contextual intelligence, enabling more effective and faster response to attacks, and in as surgically precise a manner as their attackers. Effortless Defense’s platform allows for distributed architecture and offers a cost-effective, high-performance approach to detecting and protecting an organization, everywhere it does business, including physical and virtual environments. To bring clients this advanced security offering, Effortless Office is working alongside experts in advanced threats from government intelligence agencies and premier network security companies.

About Effortless Office

Effortless Office is an innovative Cloud Service Provider, which migrates entire business infrastructures into the cloud. Effortless customers are businesses around the world that increase efficiency and save money by utilizing the solutions tailored to their business needs. Effortless brings customers into the cloud with a customized flight plan. They start with an IT audit; then, a private cloud is built using ClearSky Environment Technology. When the cloud has been tested and approved, Effortless migrates clients’ desktops, servers, applications and the entire business network into the Effortless Cloud. Clients and their staff access this, via high-level encryption, from almost any Internet-enabled device. Effortless’ pay-as-you-go model provides a virtual desktop solution, which includes the advanced security – Effortless Defense, which goes vastly beyond normal firewall, spam, and virus detection capabilities and makes use of sandbox-based behavior analysis detection techniques, and behavioral engine with machine learning. Plus, they include back-up and disaster recovery services (full redundancy and offsite servers), USA-based tech support, 99.99% SLA, and much more. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with additional offices and representation around the United States.


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