Bigleaf Adds Nuvestack to New Cloud Assurance Program

PRESS RELEASE — CLOUD PARTNERS — Bigleaf Networks (Booth 838), a Portland-based Internet redundancy and optimization service, announced the addition of Nuvestack to its new Cloud Assurance Partner Program.

Bigleaf Networks, a plug & play Internet redundancy and optimization service that helps build more robust cloud connectivity solutions for businesses over broadband, developed its new Cloud Assurance Program to ensure optimal performance of its Partners’ cloud applications. The program centers around Bigleaf’s patent-pending intelligent load-balancing and Quality-of-Service (QoS) functionality, and incorporates:

  • Lab testing of proper QoS prioritization, load-balancing, and seamless failover of the Assurance Partner’s application traffic
  • Network peering, where appropriate, to ensure end-to-end QoS protection
  • Enhanced support for the Assurance Partner’s customers through:

            –Bigleaf Web App metrics on latency, packet loss, jitter, which are made available to the Assurance Partner

            –Joint support training and collaboration on troubleshooting efforts

“Our goal at Bigleaf is to provide a rock-solid, high-performance connection to our Partners’ applications, so customers can be confident in their decision to move to the cloud,” said Bigleaf’s Founder and CEO, Joel Mulkey.  “While Bigleaf improves access to all cloud services, our Cloud Assurance Program ensures the highest possible level of performance and reliability. We put our Assurance Partners’ applications through extensive interoperability testing and coordinate direct network connectivity in many cases. This means that our Sales Partners’ customers are getting the best possible experience from the Cloud Assurance Partners’ applications.”

Nuvestack’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform allows customers to access all of their computing needs in the cloud, enabling quick and easy access from any device.  It eliminates the need to manage equipment upgrades and maintenance, providing customers with a more efficient means of managing their IT infrastructure.  “We’re excited to join Bigleaf’s Cloud Assurance Program,” said Nuvestack Sr. VP of Sales, Lanny Gray.  “Bigleaf sets the perfect connectivity foundation for a successful cloud migration strategy, and is an ideal complement to Nuvestack’s DaaS product offerings.”

Come visit Bigleaf Networks at the Cloud Partners event in Boston at Booth 838 to learn more about how our partnership with Nuvestack is transforming access to critical cloud applications.

About Bigleaf Networks
Bigleaf Networks improves Internet performance and enables peace of mind.  We are telecommunications professionals who built our cloud-based optimization and redundancy service based on the natural architecture of leaves.  We are dedicated to providing a better Internet experience with simple implementation, friendly support and powerful technology.  Founded in 2013, Bigleaf Networks is investor-backed, offering nationwide service.

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