New Release of Google Cloud Console Takes More Admin Abilities to Go

From the Google Cloud Platform Blog: If you’re an admin of production servers and applications on Google’s Cloud Platform, a new release of the admin console for Android (launched back in March) and iOS (launched in July) gives you more mobile control over a greater number of Google Cloud Platform services, app versions and virtual machines. 

You’ll still get alerts to production issues, views into your monthly spend, and access to Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine resources. What’s new is management of Google Cloud Storage buckets and Google Cloud SQL instances. Google Cloud, Product Manager Stewart Fife notes that you can even SSH into virtual machines. Fife gives some representative examples of what the new features enable you to do:

  • View exported billing history, logging data, or other important information you’ve stored about Cloud Storage. All storage buckets, folders and individual files are visible and files can be downloaded.
  • Verify the health of Cloud SQL instances and view databases for them.
  • Seamlessly connect to Compute Engine virtual machines using SSH to perform an array of tasks, such as viewing and managing processes, editing files and managing software packages.

Google is soliciting feedback for its new Cloud Console for Android or iOS, now available for download.

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