Aria Systems Partners to Benefit From New Business Analytics Technology

Aria Systems on Wednesday launched business-analytics technology that’s fully integrated into its cloud billing and active monetization software platform.

With Aria Revenue Analytics, the cloud billing provider’s clients can now assess the health of their recurring-revenue business, while evaluating and acting on revenue-generating opportunities.

Aria Systems' John BreulJohn Breul, Aria’s vice president of business development, tells Channel Partners that Revenue Analytics presents opportunities for its partners to “augment their Aria implementations by enabling them to add strategic advisory services with demonstrable outcomes.” That will, in turn, help “our joint customers grow and optimize their recurring revenue business faster,” he said.

Aria’s consulting partners include Accenture, CapGemini, CSC, Advanced Technology Group (ATG) and Cognizant. It also has more than 20 technology partners that supply capabilities such as CRM, payment processing, taxation, financial reporting and pricing to its customers.

“Revenue Analytics enables our partners to readily demonstrate the value of the recurring revenue strategic advisory work they provide their clients,” Breul said. “Examples include: fine-tuned customer segmentation/cohort identification, optimal pricing/packing strategies, churn minimization, speed to market impact, and customer lifetime value improvements.”

Aria has processed more than 1 billion transactions for enterprise clients such as Roku, Pitney Bowes, Phillips and more. The company is seizing its share of the cloud billing space, which is expected to reach $9.6 billion by 2018.

With Revenue Analytics, enterprises can optimize all components of their recurring product lines, such as pricing, packaging, bundling and workflow rules, according to the company. Pre-built dashboards, analytics and operational reports are available without having to switch between consoles or screens.

Initial trials involved using Revenue Analytics for projects such as determining the best customers for a new mobile-phone feature, and creating the best mix of products delivered to different European countries and regions.

“We’ve seen huge demand for analytics tools that are specifically tailored to the unique requirements of recurring-revenue businesses,” said Ted Brookbank, ATG’s senior vice president.

Aria’s partners will play a key role in customers “adopting and realizing the value of this new capability by helping them understand their most critical metrics and configuring their systems to represent them in an easy to read, easy-to-take action format,” Breul said.

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