3 Backup Tips to Avoid Disaster

PRESS RELEASE — IDrive Online Backup, a leading Cloud Backup service, is raising awareness about disaster planning to help businesses survive data loss with online backup.

“Time and time again we see disasters such as fires or hurricanes destroy businesses because they don’t have a backup plan,” says Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of IDrive. “Just like stormproofing your home, cloud backup secures your business’s data so that when the worst happens, you can easily retrieve your important files.”

IDrive has outlined a few simple steps to developing a preparedness program to help businesses survive any disaster:

Make a Plan
Threats to your business can be difficult to predict. That’s why smart businesses adopt an “all hazards” approach to disaster planning. This involves researching what disasters are more likely to affect your business, then gathering information about prevention and risk mitigation. Once you know which disasters can hurt your business, and how to react to them, you can write up a preparedness program, which will include ways of protecting the IT end of your business to prevent data loss.

Keep your Backups Up-to-Date & Secure
Data is constantly being created, and it can be a challenge remembering to backup your new files. If you don’t backup, you are at risk of losing your critical data. Backup solutions like IDrive let you schedule your backups, so new and updated data is backed up as soon as possible. If you stay up-to-date with automated backups, you’ll be secure without having to manually back up your new files before a potential disaster. Any data backed up using IDrive is also automatically secured with military grade 256-bit AES encryption with the option of choosing a unique private key to ensure only you can access your data.

Develop a Data Restore Strategy
A general rule of business is that customers expect to receive their service in a timely manner.

About IDrive   
IDrive Inc. is a privately held company specializing in cloud storage, online backup, file sharing, remote access, compliance and related technologies. Core services include IDrive®, IBackup®, RemotePC™ and EVS for developers. The company’s services help over 3 million customers back up over 50 Petabytes of data.

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