xG Technology Expands Business Partner Program

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xG Technology says its newly expanded Business Partner Program maximizes the emerging market opportunity in private mobile broadband for voice, video and data communications.

The expanded program is part of xG’s effort to attract partners who offer products and services that complement its xMax mobile broadband wireless network offering.

Daniel Carpini, xG’s vice president of marketing and public relations, tells Channel Partners the expanded program builds on relationships the company has built in the past.

“We have had strategic technology alliance agreements in place with various organizations over the years, but we have seen it accelerate this year as we’ve made inroads in our core public-safety and military markets. We’re engaging with providers at different channel levels now, so we felt the time was right to recognize it and formally announce it.”

Public safety and emergency management, military and other national security branches, critical infrastructure, and domestic and international rural telecommunications all have demonstrated an interested in xMax, the company said.

xG has more than 20 official partners, a number it wants to expand. “But we’re focused on entering into vibrant, quality relationships with like-minded organizations, as opposed to just having numerous partners where we don’t see an excellent fit,” Carpini said.

“Just as our technology platform is innovative and disruptive, we are looking for partners who are forward-thinking, nimble and interested in offering solutions that go beyond the status quo in capabilities,” said Tim Moynihan, xG’s vice president of sales. “For companies with this mindset, we have an exciting partnership opportunity.”

xG is seeking partners in three categories: technology alliance partners, reseller and integrator partners, and referral partners.

xG identifies technology alliance partners are hardware manufacturers, application developers and system integrators that could benefit from a collaborative approach to the market. Drakontas, maker of mobile collaboration software; Radio IP, a mobile VPN service provider; Itellum, an international telecommunications provider; and DirectView Holdings, an integrator of video, security and body camera products; recently joined xG as technology alliance partners.

Reseller and integrator partners market and sell hardware and software from a variety of vendors and look for ways to bring additional value and capability to their customers, while xG’s referral partners are consultants and other service providers who make recommendations to customers.

“We have the benefit of a lot of channel sales industry experience on staff, so we have firsthand knowledge of what potential partners look for,” Carpini said. “We’ve all got horror stories about being burned by channel conflict, so we are committed to supporting and giving priority to our partners. Competing with our partners is not going to happen and we think that will be a breath of fresh air.”

A substantial part of xG’s business growth going forward will come from alliances through partners, he said.

“We’re a nimble, agile company, which we’re very proud of, but we’re not at the point where we can get in front of all the many prospects that would benefit from our solution,” Carpini said. “That’s why we embrace the idea of teaming up with organizations that have their own products, services or market focus which complements what we’re trying to do.”

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