Verizon Ends VoIP-to-Mobile Charges for Businesses

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A new service from Verizon Enterprise Solutions eliminates long-distance charges for calls that originate from U.S.-based business VoIP customers to any Verizon Wireless phone.

Dubbed Wireless Connected VoIP, it’s now available to customers that use Verizon’s VIPER (VoIP IP Enterprise Routing) service on the carrier’s Rapid Delivery platform. VIPER already eliminates domestic and international per-minute charges for calls made between Verizon Enterprise VoIP customers, a benefit that also extends to the carrier’s IP conferencing platform. Now it includes calls that end on the Verizon Wireless network.

“This latest offering is clearly a benefit for VoIP customers that we haven’t seen from other providers,” said Amy Lind, research manager for Enterprise VoIP and UC for IDC.  “As employees and consumers alike rely more and more on mobile connections, this offering makes good business sense.”

VIPER, enabled on the Verizon network, requires no additional customer hardware or software. The network automatically recognizes outgoing phone numbers associated with the account, meaning that customers don’t have to predefine mobile users.

“We see this as an ideal offering particularly for our business VoIP customers that communicate with people on the go,” said Tom Dalrymple, director of Product Development and Management for Verizon. “Organizations across industries including retail, distribution, finance, transportation and manufacturing can more efficiently communicate with customers, mobile employees and suppliers.”

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