IT Job Market Flat, ‘Wild Card’ Looms

PRESS RELEASE – Park City, UT – – July showed a slowing in the rate of expansion of the IT job market as CIOs became a little more cautious.  The last 3 months show an increase of 30,100 new IT jobs.  From BLS data it is clear, aside from last November, IT job market growth has been flat.

The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc., Mr. M. V. Janulaitis said, “The number of new computer science and IT professional jobs grown this year with 80,000 jobs created year to date and a total of 183,600 new jobs in the last 12 months. These are all good signs,” Janco’s CEO said, “[but] CIOs are not as optimistic in July as they were in June”.

The CEO added, “Janco projects that the number of new IT jobs to be created will be over 160,000 by the end of the 4th quarter. Of the 96 CIOs interviewed over 60% are optimistic about the growth of IT budgets and staff in January, now have started to execute hiring plans.” In addition he added, “There is now some appetite for new capital projects which are driven by the need for new technology or upgrades.  CIOs are telling people that they are working on new technologies and applications.” He added, “On the downside a number of CIO have decided to hold off until late summer to add programmers and analysts.  However, CIOs are continuing to hire middle managers, project leads and more senior IT professionals.”

Expanding on his comments, Janulaitis said, “The recovery seems moved ahead and CFOs, whom almost half of all CIOs report to, have started to allow for some new incremental spending.” 

Janulaitis cautioned, “A wild card is … 

… national elections as spending typically is curtailed until a better picture of what new economic policies will be in place is known.”

There is significant activity is in the standardization of IT job titles and pay grades.  The CEO said, “We have seen significant interest in our IT Job Family Classification System and the alignment and standardization of pay grades.” See more information at

The CEO added, “From a review of the latest BLS data, Janco has found that there was a net increase of approximately 30,100 IT jobs in the last three months and this shows a growth in the number of new IT jobs.“

Janco is an international consulting firm that follows issues that concerns CIOs and CFOs and publishes a series of IT and business infrastructure HandiGuides® and Templates including a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Template, Security Template and IT Salary Survey.

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