Atlanta, Chicago Top Cities for Mobile Network Performance

Business owners looking to set up shop might want to think about the dependability and speed of their potential city’s wireless service.

Atlanta beat out 124 other metropolitan areas to be named tops in mobile performance in a new RootMetrics report. The study combines factors that include network reliability, network speed, data performance, call performance and text performance.

The top 10 cities are:

  1. Atlanta, Georgia
  2. Chicago, Illinois
  3. Knoxville, Tennessee
  4. Nashville, Tennessee
  5. Jacksonville, Florida
  6. Port St. Lucie, Florida
  7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  8. Memphis, Tennessee
  9. Cleveland, Ohio
  10. Lansing, Michigan

RootMetrics presented the results from multiple angles, including an assessment of how the 10 largest cities fared. As the ninth- and third-largest cities ranked in the study, respectively, Atlanta (population 4.5 million) and Chicago (8.6 million) were anomalies in the top 10.

“The true standouts in our comparison of the most populous metro areas were Atlanta and Chicago,” the report said. “… Atlanta and Chicago didn’t just beat the other big cities: They were among the best overall performers across all 125 markets.”

Atlanta ranked 10th overall last year, and Chicago was first.

Many of the giant metropolises struggled. The New York City area (18.4 million) landed in the bottom half at 74th, and Los Angeles (12.2 million) limped in at 89th.

Another notable result was three Tennessee cities – Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville – making the top 10. Memphis scored first in the reliability and call categories. Nashville improved from 79th last year and Knoxville improved from 69th. AT&T put a $175 million investment into its wireless and wireline networks in the Volunteer State two years ago.

“Since the first half of 2014, carrier upgrades have been advancing at a fast pace, particularly as Sprint and T-Mobile have worked to close the gap with AT&T and Verizon,” the report said. “Nashville and Knoxville show this change, with speeds from Sprint increasing significantly from the first half of 2014 to now.”

Hudson Valley, New York took up the caboose, finishing dead last – just ahead of Reno, Nevada.

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