Potential BYOD Nightmare: 18 Million Phones Will Be Lost or Damaged This Summer

PRESS­­ RELEASE – NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — This summer Asurion estimates that 18 million phones will be lost, stolen or damaged, and during a season when travel and vacation plans take consumers far from home, this can be especially hazardous. With 83 percent of people surveyed in a recent Asurion study saying their phones are an important part of their travel experience, being without the valuable device could put vacation plans at risk.

Given the importance of mobile devices, travelers don’t want to be left unprepared with an unprotected device. With 55 percent of travelers saying they store boarding passes, driving directions, confirmation numbers or itineraries on their portable electronics, no one wants to be scrambling to recover a lost device or important documents. 

“Phones, tablets and laptops act as digital travel bags containing everything from reservations, maps, flight information, travel documents, movies, photos and music — everything that keeps each family member going and happy on vacation,” said Bettie Colombo, Asurion spokesperson. “Asurion sees a spike in claims during the summer, especially with phones. More phones are lost, stolen or damaged in July than any other month of the year, followed by August. Labor Day is the most dangerous holiday for mobile devices, when Asurion sees a 66 percent increase in claims filed around the holiday.”

Here’s how consumers can protect their devices while traveling:

  1. If you don’t need it, don’t bring it. Don’t carry unneeded electronics when traveling or touring the town.
  2. Use hotel room safes when possible. Put tablets and other electronics in the safe during the day when they are not in use to protect them from damage, loss or theft.
  3. Double check your surroundings when exiting public transportation. Lots of phones are left in cabs, planes and buses so check the seat, seat back pockets and floor one last time before leaving.
  4. Don’t leave belongings unattended in public spaces. Avoid leaning backpacks, bags and purses against a chair or over the back of a seat as it gives potential thieves easy access to the valuable electronics inside.
  5. Get a good carrying case, and use it. When not in use, store portable electronics like cameras, phones and tablets in a sturdy case. This will help protect against scratches, dents and water damage.

Make sure you and your family will remain connected with a protection plan from Asurion during your summer travels.  Ask your wireless carrier or retailer for details or visit for more information.

About Asurion
For more than 20 years, Asurion’s innovation and dedication to delighting customers has made it the preferred provider of technology protection to the world’s largest wireless carriers, trusted retailers and popular device manufacturers.  Asurion’s 15,000 global employees support its 280 million consumers with an award-winning experience delivered through products and services that have set the standard in the industry and made Asurion, America’s #1 Protection Plan provider.  The company’s fully integrated, end-to-end solutions, which are customized for its carrier, retail and device manufacturer partners, include premier support that enables consumers to fully utilize their digital devices and products; applications to protect privacy and provide security; and rapid replacement (usually overnight) of lost, stolen, damaged, or malfunctioning devices. When a product is missing or simply doesn’t work properly, Asurion solves the problem with people and processes operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, speaking six languages, and working across any device, platform, or provider. For more information about Asurion, please visit

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