WhiteHat Launches New Acceleration Services, Expands Team-Up With AsTech

PRESS­­ RELEASE – SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — WhiteHat Security, the Web security company, today announced the rollout of its new WhiteHat Acceleration Services which are intended to help its customers advance their security programs through a variety of service offerings, such as remediation capabilities and services, and training engagements.

“WhiteHat Sentinel is unrivaled in its ability to help customers around the world to find security issues in their applications,” said Craig Hinkley, CEO of WhiteHat Security. “With Acceleration Services, our aim is to maximize Sentinel’s full potential by offering additional resources, training and services to help our customers advance their application security programs. In doing so, we become an extension of their internal security and development teams.” 

WhiteHat plans to roll out its Acceleration Services offerings through partnerships and an expanded Sentinel product feature set, beginning this month with the launch of a full set of vulnerability remediation offerings.

WhiteHat Security Remediation Offerings

WhiteHat Security Remediation Offerings are specifically designed to accelerate customers towards remediating security vulnerabilities and protecting their business from cyber threats. To do this, WhiteHat is introducing directed remediation, a new feature available in Sentinel Source.

  • Directed Remediation: Offers targeted and customized code fixes for critical vulnerabilities, which significantly reduces the burden on the development team. Once a source code defect is identified, Sentinel Source provides precise code patches that are ready to implement giving the customer the choice to immediately remediate the code defect.

“Today’s developers are expected to innovate and be responsive to the changing business needs all while keeping application security, scalability and performance in mind. As a result, speed of development and security end up in conflict, with security often de-prioritized,” said Matt Johansen, director of security services and research. “By providing a full spectrum of remediation offerings – both in the Sentinel feature set as well as through partnerships – WhiteHat helps to bridge the gap between security and development and ensure that critical bugs and defects are fixed long before applications are pushed into production. We do this without slowing innovation or time to production.”

In addition to directed remediation, WhiteHat Security is expanding its partnership with AsTech Consulting, a San Francisco-based application security consulting firm specializing in web and mobile application vulnerability management and remediation, to provide specific service engagements with customers.

“Our objective has always been to help customers decrease the number of security issues in their software. We’ve found that some customers don’t have the resources to prioritize and fix the amount of vulnerabilities that WhiteHat Sentinel identifies,” said Greg Reber, CEO of AsTech Consulting. “For these situations, we have worked with WhiteHat to create services that will help customers with remediation regardless of internal resources or expertise. We work alongside teams that need additional direct remediation support as well as train them to incorporate better remediation into their software development.”

Remediation engagements with AsTech include:

  • Remediation Outsourcing: Customers with short-term needs, typically on legacy applications, can engage AsTech remediation resources to simply reduce the number of security vulnerabilities. These resources can be integrated into existing software processes, reducing risk, without impacting existing project delivery schedules.
  • Directed Redevelopment: Delivers remediation of specific vulnerabilities and trains developers with the proper methods to efficiently remediate vulnerabilities and how to avoid them by working “shoulder-to-shoulder” with AsTech remediation experts.

“WhiteHat Remediation Offerings are designed to be an extension to customer’s development teams,” said Johansen. “AsTech consultants will solely focus on remediation services, working within the existing software development practices and procedures to ensure code quality for customers.”

More information about WhiteHat Acceleration Services, including the new Remediation offerings can be found

About WhiteHat Security
Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, WhiteHat Security is the leader in application security, enabling businesses to protect critical data, ensure compliance, and manage risk. WhiteHat is different because we approach application security through the eyes of the attacker. Through a combination of technology, more than a decade of intelligence metrics, and the judgment of real people, WhiteHat Security provides complete web security at a scale and accuracy unmatched in the industry. WhiteHat Sentinel, the company’s flagship product line, currently manages tens of thousands of websites – including sites in highly regulated industries, such as top e-commerce, financial services, and healthcare companies. For more information on WhiteHat Security, please visit

About AsTech
Founded in San Francisco in 1997, AsTech designs solutions to optimize application security throughout the development and vulnerability management lifecycles.  Each client has unique business objectives, risk appetites, and threat landscapes—AsTech’s team brings a strategic, risk-based focus to software security initiatives across a wide variety of organizations. AsTech’s application security engineers possess extensive development experience with all major programming languages and are software security experts. AsTech helps align people, process, and technology to achieve the most effective outcomes.  AsTech provides source code security assessments, grey-box testing (SAST/DAST combined), vulnerability remediation, secure development training, SDLC consulting, process automation and integration services. For more information on AsTech Consulting, please visit

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