Can T-Mobile CEO Put ‘Uncarrier Spin’ on Government Data-Request Numbers?

**Editor’s Note: Which is America’s top wireless network? Click here to see what we discovered in late 2014.**

As America’s fourth-largest wireless operator, you might assume that T-Mobile gets the fourth-most number of government data requests. But you would assume wrong.

The self-dubbed “un-carrier” just released its latest transparency report, which revealed that the Magenta Network received nearly 352,000 government requests for data last year, more than all of its larger rivals. Keep in mind that both Verizon and AT&T have approximately twice the number of subscribers that T-Mobile has.

AT&T got fewer than 264,000 requests, while Verizon got around 288,000.

Is it because T-Mobile and outspoken CEO John Legere received so much publicity in 2014? Perhaps, but Sprint, the No. 3 carrier, got the second-most number of data requests – 309,000.

Of T-Mobile’s data requests, about half were criminal and civil subpoenas. There were more than 17,000 warrants and approximately 3,000 wiretap orders.

“ … kudos to the Big 4 mobile operators for voluntarily disclosing their requests,” noted Rich Karpinski, principal analyst with 451 Research, commenting specifically on a CNET article. “As far as one operator fielding more requests than others, there’s not much to say there either except that we look forward to T-Mobile CEO John Legere trying to put an ‘uncarrier’ spin on this development.”

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