ANPI Unveils New Help for Selling Hosted UC

PRESS­­ RELEASE – Springfield, IL — July 6, 2015: ANPI, a leading provider of Hosted Unified Communications (UC) solutions, will be launching a new webinar series for wholesale providers of its Hosted UC solution. Titled "WOW" (Wholesale Open Webinars), these online, live training sessions will cover a gamut of subject matter related to the selling, deployment and management of their Hosted UC business. 

"When a wholesale provider takes on our Hosted UC Private Label Package, we want to provide the most thorough training possible to ensure their success," said Ryan Burns, ANPI Director of Training and Development. "It starts with off-site sessions we call ANPI University, then continues with guides, videos, and one-on-one calls. Now, to provide an ongoing touchpoint and make it easy for wholesalers to get more of their staff up to speed, we have our WOW sessions."

The WOW sessions begin Wednesday, July 8, 2015, and will continue every other week through September. 

ANPI provides a full-featured, award-winning Hosted UC solution as a private label package for carriers to brand and sell as part of their own product portfolio. The ANPI Hosted UC solution includes integrated mobility, web collaboration tools and a unique, easy-to-use, widget-based Customer Administration Portal that makes managing and monitoring the solution simple. The ANPI Hosted UC Private Label Package is the only complete, end-to-end solution specifically developed for communications service providers. In addition to all of the Hosted UC features, the Hosted UC Private Label Package includes marketing and sales tools, quoting for out-of-area services, customer support and integrated billing. For providers looking for a new revenue stream, or a way to market out of their existing territories, this innovative package allows them to be up and running in as little as 90 days.

To schedule a demonstration, or for more information on the ANPI Hosted UC Private Label Package, call 877-936-3003 or visit

About ANPI

ANPI is a premier communications provider offering an advanced Hosted Unified Communications solution for both businesses and carriers (as a private label product), as well as wholesale long distance, tandem access and SS7 solutions. ANPI is committed to delivering powerful and reliable next-generation solutions to serve the evolving needs of independent phone companies and businesses through technology and service innovation. Based in Springfield, Illinois, ANPI began serving rural telecom companies in 1996, and today serves the voice and data needs of nearly 800 CLECs, ILECs, IXCs and regional wireless carriers, as well as over a thousand business customers across the U.S. ANPI also owns and operates a nationwide IP network with switching and/or POP facilities in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and New York City, and monitors all activity 24×7 in their own Network Operations Center. For more information on ANPI, please visit or call 877-366-2674.

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