Intelisys Adds UCaaS to Cloud Certifications

Intelisys, the master agent and tech distributor, has unveiled a new certification program as part of its Cloud Services University (iCSU).

The Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Solutions Professional certification track follows Intelisys’ Cloud Computing Solutions Professional and Telecom Solutions Professional certification tracks introduced earlier this year. The company this week registered its 1,000th channel sales pro to take part in the Cloud Services University program.

“As we expand the iCSU curriculum, we see an acceleration in the number of channel professionals who are signing up, becoming certified and gaining an edge in the market,” said Andrew Pryfogle, senior vice president, Cloud Transformation, for Intelisys. “ … We are committed to continuously creating content that enables sales partners and the broader channel community to up-skill their knowledge and success rate when selling cloud-based solutions.”

Partners can run through the UCaaS Solutions Professional Certification education at their own pace. It’s free to all IT and telecom professionals, whether or not you are an Intelisys partner.

More new iCSU curricula is on the way this year, including Advanced Data Networking Solutions Professional, Network & Data Security, and Advanced IT Management. Intelisys says partners who become certified in one or more of these competencies will be better positioned to demonstrate and understanding of cloud technologies and give their customers confidence in that knowledge. Get certified in all and you earn the title of “Cloud Master.”

“The information is bite-sized and potent,” said David Harding, CEO at TRCA, a Texas-based Intelisys VAR. “The minutiae is nonexistent; you get what you need, for the level that you are at. Each course builds on the other and each course relates back in review. Jargon is clearly defined and then consistently redefined and defined yet again.”

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