AT&T, Cogent Reach Long-Term Interconnection Pact

AT&T and Cogent on Wednesday announced reaching a long-term, bilateral interconnection agreement for their IP networks.

The pact is the latest in a number of recent interconnection agreements that have been struck between the biggest U.S. communications providers and network operators such as Cogent and Level 3 Communications, which haul Web traffic throughout the country and around the world.

Such interconnection agreements remove the potential for the lodging of disputes before the Federal Communications Commission under Net neutrality regulations that are set to take effect Friday. AT&T has moved in federal court to overturn the FCC’s regulations, while Cogent has supported them.

In an interview last month with Channel Partners, Cogent CEO Dave Schaeffer said the company was engaged in interconnection disputes with a number of companies including AT&T. Although he expressed the hope that such differences would be resolved, he said Cogent may ultimately bring its grievances to the FCC under the Net neutrality regulations.

Commenting Wednesday on the AT&T interconnection agreement in a press release, Schaeffer said both companies’ customers will benefit “for years to come.”

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