Despite Verizon Report, Hackers Going Mobile

Numbers released by Verizon earlier this month made us breathe a sigh of relief about mobile security.

After analyzing tens of millions of devices, Verizon said malicious malware rates were virtually zero on Apple’s iPhone and iPad; they were only slightly higher – but still negligible – on Android devices. But not so fast.

Don’t assume there’s not an opportunity for partners in mobile security sales. In a new report, Infonetics Research says that worldwide mobile security client revenue reached almost $2 billion in 2014, up a whopping 46 percent from the year prior as both consumers and businesses look to secure their devices and mobile networks.

“For now, the vast majority of hackers continue to focus their energy on the hundreds of millions of desktop computers around the globe, but the world is going mobile, and the hackers will too,” said Jeff Wilson, research director for cybersecurity technology at Infonetics. “We expect [nearly 10 billion] smartphones and tablets to ship between 2015 and 2019, many of which will serve as the primary device for many users.”

It’s this massively expanding number of devices that Wilson says is driving development of malware that is mobile-specific, which, in turn, will lead to more growth in mobile security.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, mobile-security sales rose 10 percent over the previous quarter, reaching $566 million for just that three-month period.

The most money spent on mobile security last year was in Asia Pacific, which accounted for more than one-third (35 percent) of the total. North America was close behind at 33 percent. EMEA was third, at 29 percent.

Infonetics expects this market to double by 2019, hitting $3.8 billion in sales.

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