dinCloud Fights DDoS Attacks With Domain Bundles

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By Edward Gately

dinCloud is rolling out a new cloud Domain Name System (DNS) service aimed at combating attacks by hackers who use DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) techniques.

dinDNS allows customers to buy a bundle of 25 or more domains through their dinManage (cloud orchestration platform) accounts. Also, customers will be able to add, remove and edit any of their domain records through dinManage.

Mike Chase, dinCloud’s chief technology officer, tells Channel Partners the new service is in response to a recent wave of DDoS attacks.

“In 2014, we saw a lot of Tier 1 ISPs get blown off the network map by a tsunami of DDoS and other attacks that often topped 500gbps, which none of them could withstand,” he said. “dinDNS allows you to move resources to wherever the sun is still shining when the storm hits.”

With dinDNS, dinCloud fights attacks through its Anycast network design, which is spread across more than 20 data centers globally. Combined with ThreatSTOP’s IP Reputation response system, it disables “botnet” networks at dinCloud’s Internet edge routing platforms.

Cybercriminals use Trojan viruses to breach the security of users’ computers, taking control of each computer and organizing all of the infected machines into a network of “bots” that the criminal can then manage remotely.

“We created dinDNS as a service for everyone, but also as a present to our loyal customers who wanted to have a DNS service that was impervious to DDoS attacks of any scale and allowed them the flexibility to mix/match their providers (email with Microsoft’s Cloud, everything else with dinCloud, etc.),” Chase said.

dinCloud has more than 300 channel partners globally. dinDNS is distributed by Ingram Micro, Tech Data and Synnex, while resold by VARs such as CDW, Insight, Tiger Direct, En Pointe Technologies, many MSPs and in many cases, “even the five-man shop down the street,” Chase said.

“By having DNS on a third-party service … consumers or businesses may choose where each of their services (Web, email, cloud, chat, VoIP, etc.) [is] actually hosted and move those services to a new provider quickly by repointing the records for each in dinDNS,” he said.

dinCloud helps both commercial and public-sector organizations migrate to the cloud through business provisioning, provided by its channel base of VARs and MSPs.

“Through the new dinDNS service, dinCloud aims to differentiate itself from the competition with another important and affordable way to ensure that a customer’s cloud environment is highly secure,” said Karin Kelly, a consulting analyst with Structure Research.

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