AT&T Completes Major SDN Ethernet Expansion

AT&T says businesses in more than 100 cities can now access its customizable switched Ethernet service over a software-defined network.

The telco giant touts its Network on Demand capability, which lets businesses tailor the ports, services and bandwidth through the AT&T Business Center Web portal. Customers can now manage networks in near real time.

“Businesses want fast, versatile network service tailored to their needs,” said AT&T Network on Demand Vice President Josh Goodell. “The rapid expansion of Network on Demand for AT&T Switched Ethernet Service will provide customers improved network control and help them work more efficiently.”

Network on Demand debuted last fall, and as of Feb. 26 of this year, it had extended it to six cities in Texas and California. AT&T says Detroit, Chicago and Miami are among the new cities reached through the software-defined networking (SDN) infrastructure.

A report from Vertical Systems Group last month said AT&T led U.S. Ethernet carriers in retail ports last year. U.S. port installations increased 23 percent in 2014, after a 26 percent increase in 2013.

AT&T said in its press release that the Ethernet service is its first to be complemented by Network on Demand.

“We look forward to adding more services in 2015,” Goodell said.

While only available for sale initially through direct sales channels, the carrier told us last fall that it is exploring other distribution channels for Network on Demand services.

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