Call One Transitions From Reseller to Facilities-Based Provider

CHANNEL PARTNERS – Call One (an Elite Sponsor) is announcing its official transition from a reseller to a facilities-based provider.

With this move, Call One will be providing voice, data, and integrated products to its clients via its own independent softswitch and facilities.

Call One says it will be able to offer a higher level of service to its clients, and be able to package multiple products into a bundle that costs less and contains better technologies.

“Having the ability to offer our own softswitch capabilities means … providing our customers with a more fluid, flexible and adaptable set of products,” the company said. “And being able to bundle the package for them, from products we own versus have to resell, means saving them money on the bottom line as well.”

Call One’s softswitch platform is managed from an online interface so clients may controls their services with monitoring and management tools.

Call One has offered voice, data, and Internet services and systems since 1992.

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