Corvisa Debuts New Channel Program, Announces Key Partners

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By Edward Gately

Milwaukee-based Corvisa, a young call-center software and cloud provider, is ramping up its revenue expectations with the rollout of an aggressive channel partner program and the appointment of Pieter Knight to vice president of channel sales.

Corvisa's Pieter KnightAs part of the launch, Corvisa on Wednesday announced multiple partnerships with top telecom master agencies, consultants and referral partners, including CarrierSales, PlanetOne Communications, PeakView Communications, Infinite Green and DataVoice Connect.

This marks the first time the partner community has access to a fully integrated and scalable cloud telecommunications solution, Knight said in an interview with Channel Partners. Formerly with inContact, he was brought on to lead the new channel partner program, and help the company grow nationally, and eventually, globally.

The new program will extend the reach of Corvisa’s cloud communications solutions and Summit Platform by making them available to partners and their customers both nationally and globally.

“A strong channel program will play a vital role in our growth,” said Lance Anderson, Corvisa’s CEO. “Piet brings valuable industry expertise along with a proven ability to build long-term relationships that will drive revenue opportunities for both Corvisa and our partners. In their short time with us, Piet and his team have shown significant momentum and we are thrilled to already be working with several of the industry’s leading partner organizations.”

With several key organizations already on board, Knight and his team are focused on providing hands-on engagement, training and support to ensure partner success while continuing to seek and build strategic relationships.

“For example, CarrierSales is one of our master agencies out of Salt Lake City,” Knight told Channel Partners. “They have about (100-plus) partners under them, feet on the street meeting with their customers — it could be a five-person or 5,000-person customer. Those customers are coming to them saying we need a contact-center solution for our business phones, so partners then come to us and say ‘how can you help us?’”

Corvisa’s contact-center suite, phone system and platform can be offered as a complete solution or a la carte, giving partners the ability to meet varied clients’ requirements with a single vendor. Additionally, partners and their customers can use the Summit Platform to customize Corvisa products or build new voice and SMS apps to address specific business needs.

Corvisa is focused on growing nationally this year, but has its eye on going global in the not-too-distant future.

“We are rolling,” Knight said. “I’m tied to a revenue target. We have quotas assigned out to our team. Our goals are to directly impact the revenue to Corvisa. We’ll have our fifth person on our team in March, we’ve got operations, marketing, two directors and myself, and we’ll bring on channel managers, so our goal is to bring opportunities to our direct sales team to help drive revenue.”

Parent company Novation bought Corvisa in 2009 to develop solutions for its call centers, and since then Corvisa has focused on bringing its products and services to market. The new channel-partner program is a big part of that effort to drive sales and revenue.

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