Peak Pulls a Siemens, Renames Itself

Peak has pulled a Siemens.

The IaaS provider on Tuesday went live with a name change, from Peak to Faction. The move echoes that of Siemens Enterprise Communications in late 2013 when it rebranded as Unify. Both monikers come off as strangely generic unless one is very familiar with the firms’ business models.

Peak – or rather, Faction – said its name change reflects the company’s core tenets.

“Together our company’s members represent a unique breed of IaaS cloud thought leaders and engineers who believe there is a better way to deliver cloud,” Luke Norris, CEO and founder, said in a press release. “We banded together for the pursuit of giving our customers and partners control, not compromise.”

In addition to announcing its name change, Faction now has a new website, logo and product line. The latter includes customizable cloud-building, complex engineering assistance, white-label capabilities for channel partners and, in March, a cloud marketplace.

Faction operates cloud nodes across eight geographies in the United States and Europe, and only sells through the channel.

Rebranding seems to be a popular undertaking when a company achieves a certain amount of success or needs to distinguish itself from an increasingly crowded field of competitors. Norris attributed the change to the former, stating that Peak/Faction was reacting to “three years of triple-digit growth.”

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