Blue Jeans Network Goes Big With Primetime

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Blue Jeans Network has unveiled Primetime, an interactive online events service designed to connect thousands of participants through large-scale video conferencing.

“When we met with our customers, we saw so many situations where executives, educators, media companies, and so many others wanted to interact with their audiences in an easy, organized, and controlled fashion, but were frustrated with the one-way nature of traditional streaming technology,” said Stu Aaron, CCO at Blue Jeans Network. “We saw an opportunity to redefine a market and provide the easy, open, interactive experience that Blue Jeans is known for, in a service designed for large-scale events.”

Blue Jeans says Primetime is the only video collaboration platform of its type that gives multiple presenters the power to engage with thousands of viewers, and promote any of these viewers to active participants in real time. The service has been in trials with customers in the business, education, technology sectors and more, since September. It will be generally available in the first quarter of 2015.

Features include:

  • Role switching: Attendees enter in view-only mode can be “promoted” to actively engage with presenters, ask questions, or become part of a panel and contribute to the conversation.
  • Multi-device capabilities: Presenters and attendees can join from a full range of video or audio devices, including room systems, computers and mobile devices.
  • Self-service: Organizers, moderators and attendees can schedule, join and view events with the ability to raise their hand, share video/content, and interact with others.
  • Moderator controls and options: Event hosts have moderator controls that allow them to mute participants, pin presenters, promote attendees and record the meetings. Moderators can also prep presenters in a “green room” like setting before they go live.

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