AppDirect Releases Reseller Management Service

AppDirect on Wednesday debuted its new Reseller Management Service for distributors and resellers to provide tools from a central location, designed to make onboarding sales and customer management more simple and straightforward.

The cloud service commerce platform offers unified catalog, billing, identity, data and infrastructure management, which aim to help providers drive their cloud sales. The service is designed to unite the providers, developers and consumers of cloud services by enabling developers and providers to sell their services and act as advisors while end users can manage their application, all in a central location.  

“We have continued to drive transformation in cloud service distribution and delivery through our global ecosystem and a platform that enables businesses across the globe to easily access cloud services. Today, we’re disrupting the market once again with our Reseller Management Service,” said Daniel Saks, co-CEO, AppDirect. “We’ve introduced advanced functionality, directly out of the box, that is easy to use and solves real challenges for distributors and resellers in the cloud. We’re empowering our ecosystem to leverage reseller networks to expand reach, drive app adoption and sales.”

With the Reseller Management Service, AppDirect says distributors and resellers of cloud services can experience an automated way of delivering apps to customers from a central location; gain consolidated views on catalog information, billing and customers; eliminate manual process overhead – no phone calls, data entry, emailing spreadsheets; and eliminate admin portals – there are no multiple license keys to provision, activate, manage, or cancel.

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