Verizon Names 5 Key Tech Trends to Drive Change for Enterprises in 2015

Transitioning to the cloud and monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT) are just two of the trends that Verizon Enterprise Solutions lists as top technology trends for 2015.

There are five in all which Verizon says should drive business innovation and provide a platform for growth.

They are:

  • Innovation: With the growing demands of data, cloud, video and mobile, networks must be more agile and scalable, without compromising performance. Verizon expects enterprises to strategically network and make IT investments.
  • Adoption of tech and services: The adoption of IoT-related services will allow more industry consolidation and these enhanced tools will decrease machine-to-machine complexity.
  • Predictive analytics: Making sense of big data, through gathering and managing, will enhance business performance and impact nearly everyone. Those who integrate predictive analytics will be best prepared to improve and identify new revenue streams.  
  • IT will direct the cloud: IT will act as a “cloud solutions broker,” Verizon says, by helping to identify needs, outline tech requirements and manage technologies and services. More emphasis will be put on building cloud solutions that address specific needs, which will then support migration of mission-critical workloads to the cloud.
  • The fight against cybercrime: An increasingly complex threat landscape will mean that cybersecurity must be more complex and important. Proactive risk management and advanced big-data analytics will make or break enterprises safeguarding their data.

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