Tangoe Announces MatrixCloud Beta Solution

Tangoe has made available the beta version of its MatrixCloud solution, designed to help enterprises to centralize and control SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud expenses, while providing visibility, tracking, auditing and chargeback capabilities for cloud license, expense and capacity management.

“The exponential growth of cloud computing has raised concerns about how rapidly enterprises are adopting cloud technologies while ignoring or struggling to monitor and control the associated expenses,” said Ken Lienemann, senior vice president, Tangoe. “Through participation in the beta program, prospects and customers have the opportunity to analyze and optimize their cloud reality, and achieve visibility into the number of cloud services their organizations are using, track license capacity, understand how much they are spending and identify opportunities for savings.”

Slated for a spring 2015 release, the complete MatrixCloud solution will offer centrally managed cloud assets and expenses; visibility into hidden charges; identification of unused and unknown cloud licenses; elimination of multiple contracts with the same cloud vendors; data to negotiate existing and future cloud contracts; and accurate allocation of cloud assets and expenses.

Tangoe sells through channel partners.

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