WatchDox Integrates With Symantec, Protects Files Everywhere

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Palo Alto, California-based WatchDox has unveiled what it calls the industry’s first solution that can both detect and protect sensitive files everywhere, on every device.

Thanks to a comprehensive integration with Symantec DLP, WatchDox says it can now automatically and proactively protect sensitive files detected in motion on networks or email, at rest in file shares and other repositories, and created on both mobile and PC endpoints.  IT and security teams can now apply data-centric controls to sensitive files on the fly, including encryption, digital rights management, tracking and revocation, which continue to apply wherever the files travel, the company said.

When traditional DLP identifies potentially sensitive data on the move, it is flagged for action. IT then has two choices: ignore it or block it. Blocking the data impedes workflows, but letting it go isn’t without risk. With WatchDox DLP integration, IT now has a third option: Protect the data on its way out. This, WatchDox says, solves the issue both internally and externally, protects workflows and supports secure external collaboration.

For other repositories that may contain sensitive information, such as file shares or SharePoint, the integration enables sensitive data protection at scale. 

“DLP is great at finding sensitive data, but historically it’s been hard to take action to protect that data without blocking someone’s workflow,” said Ryan Kalember, chief product officer at WatchDox. “Through this integration, organizations can keep their workflows intact, while still securing the data, even when the sensitive data is involved in an external collaboration or on an unmanaged mobile device.”

This new integration complements an earlier integration that enabled Symantec DLP to scan files shared, sent or synced via WatchDox.

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