Juniper Networks Debuts Carrier-Grade Virtual Router

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Juniper Networks says the launch of a virtual version of its flagship MX Series 3D Universal Edge routing platform gives service providers and enterprises the ability to seamlessly leverage the benefits of both virtual and physical networking so they can rapidly deliver services and cost-effectively keep ahead of customer demand.

Calling it the industry’s first full-featured, carrier-grade virtualized router, the vMX 3D operates as software on x86 servers.

Juniper also has unveiled a new set of capabilities designed to help customers build high-IQ networks that leverage the benefits of virtualization and automation.

Enterprises are looking for ways to increase business agility, Juniper notes, as seen by the adoption and deployment of cloud services and private clouds. As they look to the cloud to drive agility and efficiency, having a network that is as flexible and dynamic as the cloud is critical. Juniper says that as a fully functional virtual router, the vMX brings cloud-like agility to the network, allowing businesses to quickly roll out new applications, resources and initiatives to support internal and external clients.

Customers can combine the vMX with Juniper’s complete physical router portfolio delivering the tools service providers and enterprises need to maintain a common operations environment for both virtual and physical routers, while matching network investment with revenue growth, the company added.

With the vMX, carrier-grade routing can be deployed in the time it takes to spin up a virtual machine, scaled elastically with virtual capacity, and if the need arises, migrated to the high-performance physical MX Series platforms for high-volume workloads. This provides customers with greater freedom to start small, experiment with new services, grow rapidly and stay profitable throughout the entire service life cycle, according to Juniper.

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