CenturyLink Simplifies Big Data With Managed Cloudera

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CenturyLink has released six managed Cloudera Blueprints, the latest managed services in its cloud big data portfolio, including Cassandra and MongoDB solutions. 

Cloudera is a Hadoop managing and provisioning solution that allows users to focus on their data sets online. CenturyLink deployed Cloudera on the cloud so that customers can get the benefits of hourly, pay-as-you-go and self-service.

Cloudera is designed to reduce the complexity of big data by provisioning and managing Hadoop components in a manner that allows users to focus on their data sets. The CenturyLink Cloud Blueprint for Cloudera – a deployable configuration that brings the new environment online in a couple of clicks – is designed to take that a step further.

All of the Blueprints support Hadoop 2.

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